What is WPC ?

The term WPC refers to wood as a proxy for fibrous materials of plant origin. It can be wood flour or sawdust, or agricultural plant residues, typically cut, milled, or ground, or other types of natural fiber, such as hemp, jute, and kenaf, commonly as a by-product of the respective industrial process.

Where is WPC Material Used?

WPC materials are used to make products like doors, floorings, decking, claddings, pergolas, planters, Gazebos etc. It can be extensively used for interior and exterior construction applications.

Is BVW WPC really maintenance and paint free?

Yes our products are all paintable and really easy to maintain. Because of inherent qualities material does not rot, crack, decay, split or splinter because of its inside structure, also it is waterproofing, because its water absorption rate is only 0.2%.

Does BVW WPC really last forever?

Our BVW WPC products have high durability as they are 100% water proof, termite proof and are fire resistant. This adds a great shelf life to products making wood plastic composite products last for 15-20 years.

Is BVW WPC an environmentally sound product?

WPC Products are 100 % eco friendly in nature. It’s made up of fibrous materials of plant origin like flour, sawdust, or agricultural plant residues. These are recyclable, residual products which make WPC products eco-friendly.

Is BVW WPC slippery when wet?

BVW WPC has a special cellulose fiber which increases surface area of contact when wet and can even provide a non-slip surface for leather soled shoes.

How strong is BVW WPC? Does BVW WPC break, melt or burn?

BVW WPC has a high impact resistance. It has a high Modulus of elasticity which is 20% greater than PVC, does not require reinforcement (in most applications). High Modulus of elasticity prevents any kind of breakages.

Is BVW WPC available in different colors?

WPC products have good appearance and nice touch. These is available in broad range of finishes and appearance and are available in multicolor.

What about the installation cost of the WPC decking and railing?

Our products are really easy to install as product are made from extrusion machine with moulds. During molding process, installation is taken into consideration and only screws and drilling machines are needed to finish the installation work.

Does WPC cost more than wood?

It has been observed that wood plastic composite are cheaper than normal wooden products when compared with life of a wooden product and WPC product. Wood composite products have a greater life and are more cost effective in long duration.