WPC Decking


BVW Decking can be used in a number of ways – as part of Garden Landscaping, to extend Living Areas of Houses, and as an alternative to Stone based Features such as Patios Protection as they are 100% Fire Retardant.

  • BVW WPC Decking looks more attractive when compared to regular Decking.
  • Anyone can walk on BVW WPC Decking barefoot without any precautions to get splinters in foot.
  • BVW WPC Decking requires minimum maintenance as they free user from hassle of regular staining. In fact it is easier to remove grease from wood composite deck than a wooden deck.
  • BVW WPC Decking when installed in exterior fade approximately 10 – 15% in first 2 months. After initial fading, the same texture & colour finish is maintained for multiple years. Also no fading is observed when BVW Deckings are installed in interior.
  • Overall, BVW WPC Decking are more economical in long run when compared with wooden decking.

Size of 145*25mm is made