WPC Planter


BVW Planter will add a new decorative dimension to the outside of your home. They are easy to make and can be used to hold many different types of flowers that will spruce up the exterior of your house.

  • Our BVW WPC Planters find where their applications in large Corporate Offices, GOVT. Departments, Stadiums, Hotels etc., where there is an extensive need to beautify exteriors.
  • Our BVW Planters can be modified in structure & colour to act as a replacement for Plastic Dustbins, litter baskets, wastebins etc., placed along the road sides or side ways.
  • BVW WPC Planters can be coated to give it a look and feel of plastic. Since these Planters are more Durable, they last longer than Plastic Bins.
  • Replacement of these Plastic Bins with BVW WPC Planters gives Organization an economical edge as it eliminates constant need to replace Plastic Bins.
  • BVW WPC Planters are 100% Eco-Friendly & Recylable.
  • BVW takes up GOVT. turn key projects and utilizes inherent properties of WPC Planters to provide serene and green enviroment to the exteriors.