WPC Flooring


WPC Floors, by definition, is a combination of wood and composite material, both to maintain a sense of affinity of solid wood flooring, but also have good moisture resistance to water, acid, antifungal, anti-static, anti-insect properties. Using wood chips, straw, waste plastic and other waste products a series of WPC materials are gradually entering the market of decoration, architecture and other fields. Wood flooring industry is a new direction for building materials, which are Waterproof & of High Environmental Protection.

  • Easy to Maintain : BVW WPC Flooring is much easier to maintain than carpeting. Stains are far less common, as most spills can be easily mopped or wiped up without leaving behind any residue. In the past, WPC was considered difficult to maintain, but new technology and new finishes has made BVW Floorings one of the easiest options for your floors.
  • Affordable : BVW flooring is affordable for several reasons. First, the variety of hardwood styles, colors, and materials make it possible to create a few very affordable options for the budget conscious homeowner. Secondly, these floors hold their value well. They stand the test of time both in durability and style, which means they need not to be replaced regularly as compared to Wooden Floor covering. When hardwood starts to lose its shine, simply refinish it and restore it to a new look with BVW Flooring.
  • Real Estate Value : Because of the popularity of BVW and its durability, homes that have BVW floors get a better price on the real estate market than those that just have carpet. Even homes with carpet covering BVW can get a better price, as the new homeowner knows that a little refinishing will make those used floors shine again. Installing BVW flooring today will increase your home’s value later when you are ready to sell.
  • Environmentally Friendly : BVW flooring is made from a natural & renewable resource. Some hardwoods actually comes from recycled buildings, barns or other sources. BVW floors do not collect allergens in the same way carpets do, making them an excellent option for those who struggle with indoor allergies.